Hi guys! I’m Amberly. Momma of 3 little ladies, ages 11, 9 and 20 months (yes we are still counting months) and Twin Flame to my missing puzzle piece ♡♡ January of this year we made the jump to homeschooling. It definitely has been a learning curve for all of us!! I have gone from being a single mom for 7 years working crazy hours 6-7 days of the week, with multiple jobs barely seeing my babies, to having the luxury of working when I WANT to and being able to spend every minute with my little loves EVERY.WAKING.MINUTE.

I love love LOVE cooking, taking pictures, being crafty, trying new things and traveling. I like to think am a Homesteader in the making, You guys can let me know how you think I am doing, and maybe even send me some suggestions! Thanks in advance!

I am a planoholic, and still searching for that planner of my dreams (that’s also affordable) I have searched and searched and still have yet to land on that one perfect all inclusive sweet jewel.

OH YEA, and I recently have began my THM journey!! …..Still learning about this one 😉