My Top 5 Monthly Favorites – OCTOBER

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Hi guys!!! Happy almost Halloween !! Oh October….you are one of my most favorite months of all and I am going to miss you!!! Throughout the seasons of the year my current favorite things in each month seem to change. So I thought I would begin a monthly series and list off my current favorite things of that particular month ♡ So here we go….


October it’s starts to get chilly around here. I am always a hot tea drinker (usually before bedtime), but now that the temp is starting to drop, so I find my self drinking more and more of it. It definitely warms me up and gives me that cozy fall feeling. Since my opportunity to drink hot tea increases, my choices of tea can expand!! I am always bouncing around in the different flavors, but right now my tea of choice is Oolong Tea. This tea is so amazing and has so many added benefits, one being that it raises your metabolism 😊 this one is my Favorite benefit! Another plus, it is tastey enough to drink either hot or cold 🙃 Wanna try some out? Check it out down below 👇

Products from


Something about the fall time just feels so perfect for facials. It seems that out of the entire year, fall time is when most of my facials take place…..This month I don’t have a particular brand I prefer. The girls and I have been bouncing around trying all different brands and purchasing the individual packs……what can I say, we like variety!! Do you have a particularly favorite face mask??


Considering I just recently began my blogging journey within the last month, I have been looking at items to help keep me organized. I am a stationary freak and I came across these sweet notebooks randomly one day. I needed something to keep all my notes, blog scheduling tips, and ideas in. These little beauties right here are just my style! I love the simple classy patterns, and how the spirals are across the top and not down the side!! Plus, they are the perfect size, not too bulky ♡ I only have 2 different patterns, so far.

Arent these so stylish?! I love them! Check out these other patterns down below they have available!

Blue Sky Notebooks <– click here 🖱


I am absolutely obsessed with my diffusers. It is constantly getting used. This little pack of oils I purchased is so nice. I love how durable the box is, and how the front has an opened window-type part so you can see the bottles. Currently I do not have specific location for my oils, so they are always floating around between my diffusers. So having them in this convenient reusable package is awesome in my eyes!! Do you have a diffuser? If not, I highly recommend you grab one…or two….or one for each room even!! <—- Haha that’s my goal!!!  They truly do make a huge difference in the atmosphere in the room,help with focus, and over all well-being ♡♡ Look down below for some essential oils and diffusers of your own!



These are so cool!! Considering the Halloween Spirit 🎃 is all around during the month of October, these are so fitting! I have to admit, I did not find these myself. A friend of mine sent us home with a handful of them after roasting some s’mores at their house one night. Ever since then, my morning cup if Joe has been stirred with and eyeball on a stick!! 👀 If these are your style and you would like some Halloween Spirit with your morning mug, you can grab a pack of them down below 👇

Products from

What are some of your most favorite go to items this month??

That’s it for today!! Come back next month and check out my November Favorites ♡ Don’t forget to subscribe with your email down below, to keep up with the latest and be one of the first to be notified to receive some freebies coming very soon!! FREEBIES! YAY!

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Until next time my lovelies ⛰ Enjoy the rest of your October!!


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19 Replies to “My Top 5 Monthly Favorites – OCTOBER”

    1. Thankyou ♡ before receiving the stirrer from my friend, I always used a spoon….I think I may try to coordinate different stirrers for different holidays 🙄

  1. Loved this post! I’ve always wanted to use diffusers but as my mums allergic to scents I can’t use them! Tea is also my favourite during this season. I love green tea! X

  2. I just got an essential oil diffuser!! I absolutely love looking up good mixtures to help with allergies, energy etc. It’s so fun! I also love doing face masks! I’m so obsessed, my faves are usually from origins! 🙂 Great post!!

    1. Thanks! Yes the oil mixtures are so wonderful, it’s amazing how much of a difference it can actually make 🤗 I haven’t found a favorite facemask yet…but they are so fun to do!

  3. Great healthy tips for the season, love it thanks! I have that same oolong tea right now and the face mask photo is great. Maybe I can get my girls on board with that to clean off the face paint from early trick or treating today!

    1. Thankyou! I love that oolong tea! My girlies love face masks 😊 using then the night after trick or treating face paint is a great idea! 🎃

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