Our Top 10 Christmas Traditions

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Okay, October is behind us, and Halloween has passed…..you know what that means?!?! It’s totally acceptable to bring out the Christmas decorations, music, and blog posts! So here is my very first Christmas themed post 🎄Enjoy!

Since becoming a mommy, I have been all about traditions. Traditions for every holiday. Christmas is my Favorite holiday so I think, aside from birthdays, this holiday probably has the most family traditions than any other in our home. Here is a list of our top 10 traditions.


Every year we all go out as a family for fun family events and finish the day in search for that new perfect ornament. We each pick out a special yearly ornament to add to the collection. Once we get home, we put our name on the bottom and the year, before adding it to the tree🎄I will tell you over the years, the amount of ornaments is severely outgrowing our tree haha! My hopes for this tradition will be that the girls with have their own set of memorable ornaments, along with their childhood homemade ornaments, when it is time for them to have their own trees as adults.


November 1st we put on Christmas music and begin the tree assembly (I am allergic to the real evergreen trees so we use a fake tree) Over the 11 years of being a mommy, we have collected so many ornaments (both homemade, and yearly new additions). Everyone has accumulated their own collection of ornaments either homemade, or store bought, and they participate in decorating the tree with that collection. What is really cool about decorating this way is everyone, seriously, enjoys looking at each of their ornaments and remembering making it or what we did the day they picked it out at the store. Honestly I had never planned on the tree decorating to work out this way. As the girls got older they both would gravitate towards their own ornaments, and it eventually just blossomed into a yearly tradition for us that we all enjoy so much.


Every year beginning in November, we watch a different Christmas movie each week. We usually take a family vote to decide which to watch on movie nights, but as I am sure you other mama’s out there are aware of, a quiet family vote does not always go over well….So on the days that I can usually anticipate this happening, I choose to go about it a different route. Sometimes I may wrap the movie up with some movie munchies along with it, other times we may let our dog Molly pick one for us. Or if it is a super rainy/wet/icy/cold day good enough to lounge all day in jammies we may even just watch 2! There have been times that I have chosen to have a special hot chocolate bar for us all as well ☕


This one is always fun! I have quite a few different holiday drinks I rotate around through out the season for my little ladies. Sometimes for breakfast we have a glass of chocolate milk with rainbow sprinkles around the rim. When we watch The Grinch movies we always have a glass of green (food colored) milk with green sprinkles around the rim. As I mentioned above, I surprise them with a hot chocolate bar at least once throughout the season. I always look for winter shaped marshmallows, fun festive sprinkles, whipped cream, and yummy candy canes for our drink stirrers.


Using “snail mail” as a form of sending Christmas cards to friends and family is a fun family activity for us all. The girls love picking out the cards and signing their names.


The closer it gets to Christmas, the more and more decorations are put out in the community. We (especially me) just love Christmas lights! So as the countdown comes down closer to Christmas we take a day here and a day there to drive around different neighborhoods to look at everyone’s creativity with lights! To make this even more fun, we have created our own scavenger hunt to find holiday items in all the decorations.


Who hasn’t heard of the all famous Elf On the Shelf?? Some are for this, and others I have heard, don’t believe in it. Well in our household, we have so much fun with it! So much fun, that another ELF (cocoa sugar spice) has recently joined our household to team up with the original ELF(cookie bubbles). As an adult, I have a blast coming up with mischevoius things for them to get into, and hiding spots for the girls to try to find them each morning. In the years past, the elves have been where the girls go to whisper to the elves their secret messages for santa, and really just more of a daily game of hide and seek (elves hide, girls seek). They always are anxious to see what the ELF is getting into next. The eldest girly has been able to join in on the “behind the scenes” fun this past year…as she had learned the truth behind what and who Santa Claus really is🎅


Wo doesn’t love a fresh batch of Christmas cookies!?!?! Aside from donuts, a fresh cookie is so comforting during the winter time. We always do our 2 staple cookies…sugar and chocolate chip. Every year we pick out 2 new recipes to try, or ones we haven’t made in awhile ♡ (Look for a list of our favorite Christmas cookies in the future).


This is something I have done since my childhood. Every year one of our local dance academies puts on The Nutcracker. I am always sure to purchase tickets well in advance so I can be sure to get decent seats. My Granny has always loved The Nutcracker too, so we always are sure to include her in on our fun♡


We have a local park that gets decorated with the theme of the 12 days of Christmas. It is always very cold when we go. It is fun getting all bundled up and sing the 12 days of Christmas song as we walk through all the lights. There’s Hot Chocolate, displays of local gingerbread house contests, musical lights, and Santa! This tradition is always a hit!

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31 Replies to “Our Top 10 Christmas Traditions”

  1. I love this post! So happy that we’re approaching the festive season again, it’s the best time of year! My favourite part is putting up the tree! ❤

  2. A great way to start the Christmas season for me!!! Those are some lovely traditions. Christmas is definitely my favourite holiday of the year. I loved this post!

  3. We probably won’t get a tree this year because we’re going on winter sports vacation at Christmas… I’m so sad because I love the smell of the Cristmas trees and the cosyness it brings.

    1. I am allergic to the live trees, so I settle for putting some evergreen scented sticks in my tree. Not the same, but good enough for me !

  4. We used to do the ornament thing every year too, with the same intent, but now that our clan has grown to 10, that one has fallen off our list… way too many to keep up with! Your tree looks beautiful. Keep being intentional. Your kids will look back with such appreciation. 🙂

    1. Wow 10!! Yes that WOULD be a lot of ornaments to keep up with, you would need a lot of trees to display them all 😉 Thankyou for reading!

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