My Top 5 Monthly Favorites – November

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Guess what time it is?! Yup! It’s half way through November (already), that means it’s time for the second post in our series of monthly favorites ♡ So here we go…..


This one I love all year round, but with the days getting shorter and it getting dark in the early evenings, I can enjoy them now even more! I just love how relaxing the low lighting is. Once I am finished tidying the house up in the evening, I am done with having the ceiling lights on and look forward to relaxing with my evening hot tea in the ambiance that the string lights provide ♡. There is just enough light for me to do my evening planning for the next school day, reading, or journaling. It’s just perfect!

I have string lights around the tops of our cabinets in the kitchen, wrapped around a bookshelf we use for our home school supplies and games, and draped across the windows in our living room.


I have always been a sock girl – fuzzy socks, toe socks, fun patterns and fabrics, even grippy bottoms….you name it, I probably have it!! The days are getting shorter, and it is also getting super chilly. You can really feel that winter weather rolling in. I spend most of my days barefoot on our hardwood floors at home (I have never been a fan of shoes). The chilly windy weather on our mountain really keeps the hardwood floors cold to the touch. My collection of fuzzy socks is perfect for keeping my toes cozy. I just LOVE fuzzy socks!

Sometimes the fuzzies and the hardwood floors do not mix well when I am rushing round and round this house, haha!! I have even gotten bruises in the past to prove it LOL 🤣 This is where the gripped bottoms come in handy.

We can’t forget those stylish toe socks! I have worn these since I was a teenager ♡ I love how they allow me to wear my flip-flops while keeping my feet snuggly too! Have you ever tried toe socks out?


Sparkles, glitter, twinkles……I just love it all year round! This time of year though, it goes hand in hand with all the festivity ♡ Everywhere you go, you start seeing decorations, a lot of which include all of these. So, in my opinion, it’s the perfect time to add a little extra “sparkle” on yourself as well! Whether it be around your eyes, collarbone, nail polish, or even hair bows 🤗 SPARKLES are FUN! I even have a glitter lamp!


This stuff smells AMAZING. PERIOD. I have worn the Halloween Perfume for the past 15 years. I had no idea they began making matching body wash as well, until, recently, my best friend gifted me with some ♡. She loves the perfume as well, and had ordered herself some, not realizing that it came with body wash….she doesn’t use the gel body wash so she passed that baby on to me. SCORE!


Since becoming pregnant 2 1/2 years ago with baby #3, once again, the attention I give myself diminished. Shortly after she was born, our home school adventures with the 2 older girls began. Guess what? My “pampering me” time was 100% extinguished!! So now, girl #3 is almost 2 years old, and our home school adventures have begun having a bit of routine (for now haha). I have began focusing more time on myself again, little by little. I have missed it!

Every year (for years), no matter what, I have painted my nails for Halloween. I took this years as an opportunity to add to my “me list”. Since the week of Halloween, I continued with painting my nails at least once (sometimes twice) a week 😊. I have really been enjoying giving myself some attention again…and painting my nails really helps slow everything down, temporarily, and relax!

Well that’s all for today. What are your November favorites? Tell me down below in the comments section….I’d love to hear all about them ♡.

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    1. Thankyou!! I hope you receive heaps of happiness as well 😉 I absolutely love string lights and I just know you will too in your new place ♡

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