8 Tips to Help Manage the Chaos of Living in a Small Home

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Who else has had the luxury of living in a small home? My home is not small enough to be considered a “tiny home”, especially when it was just the 2 older girls and myself in the past. I mean with 1100 square feet we had plenty of room for all of our things. Now that the family has grown from 3 people to 5 people (6 including my step-daughter, when she visits), things are cramped, to say the least. Especially for those of us who really do need more privacy and space than others! Today in this post, I am providing you with some tips that I have learned over the years to make things a little easier on everyone!

ORGANIZATION : First and foremost, organization is key. Without this, you will he loving in an anxiety induced chaotic mess!! Everything you own must have a “home”.

DECLUTTER : Do not fill spaces with random things. Yes they look nice and that little nic-nac is too cute for words, but come on. Do you REALLY need it on your life? Take a look around, if you have things that do not serve a purpose, most likely, it needs to go. It’s nice having collections, and presenting things that are adorable and what not, but when you live in a small home, it’s honestly just wasted space. Be sure to keep on top of this. In my home, things seem to pop up and “appear” haha (I mean yes I do have those weaknesses in the store of “I gotta have that” (doesn’t everyone???). So, to keep things from piling up and creating a mass amount of clutter, you must DEclutter in this manner, regularly.

CLOSET ORGANIZATION : This one is rough for me sometimes. I am super busy ALL. THE. TIME. so keeping the house clean is one thing, but the closets, that’s another. I mean, when you are in a hurry and cleaning it’s so simple to just shove stuff in the top of your closet or the back of it or the corner. Or let the top of your pantry build up with things you are ‘storing’ up there for that ONE time you will maybe need to use it. Well, most likely, those things you may use just once every other year, not worth keeping. So, get rid of it…..sell it…..try to make some money off of these things you no longer need in your life.

INVEST IN STORAGE : speaking of wasted space, when you are purchasing your furniture, opt for the ottoman that has inside storage, or the coffee table that has storage. Ok you get the point, when shopping for furniture, always think -STORAGE.

KEEP THINGS SIMPLE : Speaking of furniture, another thing to keep in mind is the patterns. Try to not go for that crazy, busy print. Lean more towards simple and light looking furniture. You do not want things looking so busy in a small home, that screams chaos. The more simple, calm places your eyes have to rest from the busy world, the better. ☺

MIRRORS : Beleive it or not, adding MIRRORS to your wall space helps in multiple ways. It creates an illusion your place is a bit bigger. It lightens up the room, especially, if placed near a window where it can bounce the light into your home. Try this trick out, I just love it!

TAKING THE SMALLER ROOM : If you have children, you know, they take up a lot of space with their mass amount of toys, and messes galore! They have a lot of stuff right? So this only makes sense, plus they need this extra room to play 💕 I have found that giving my children the master bedroom, really minimizes the toys that pile up in the living room.

GO EASY ON BIRTHDAYS AND HOLIDAYS: Instead of buying a mass amount if toys on Birthdays and Holidays, opt for other choices. These toys will only pile up after being played with for a few weeks, most likely. Purchase only the toys you know will get the most love for the longest period of time.

Choose to have a birthday bash at their favorite place- and ask your guests to give money instead of presents 🙂 (this year we did this for our girls, and now they have a bulk amount saved to spend on fun activities for themselves over our Holiday vacation!) This also helps teach responsibility in the long run when handling money. On holidays choose to take a vacation! (This is our plan this year) Instead of spending so much on presents, spend that money on making me.ories instead- Take a vacation!

Alright there it is! There are definitely more than 8 tips to help, but these are the simplest that I have found to help with my own personal experience 😉

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