Our Toddler’s CURRENT Favorite Meals

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Parents, how hard is it to keep up with your toddler’s preferred taste in food? It seems that our little miss’ preferred taste changes constantly. One week she will eat green beans….the next, she refuses. She has always refused to eat eggs…but likes a good quiche. So in an effort to help provide fresh ideas for all you toddler parents on the hunt, here is a list of our toddler’s top current favorite foods.


This is not only the little lady’s favorite but our entire family loves them! Also this is THM (Trim Healthy Mama) friendly!! #momwin. So, these are super easy to make and very versatile. She loves to help out in the kitchen ♡

You start with mixing up some eggs with milk and cheese in a bowl, set it aside. Dice up about 5-7 pieces of turkey bacon and fry it up…..add the fried bacon to the egg mixture. Saute up a few handfuls of spinach…..again, add this to the egg mixture. Season it up with your preference, salt&pepper or Mrs dash, or Italian seasoning. Spray your muffin tin with nonstick spray and spoon the egg mixture out. Cook at 375 for 25-30 min.

I am a chef at heart so measuring is always eyeballed by me (unless I am baking). Play around with the measurements and find your preference.

Like I said this is versatile, feel free to add or sub with other ingredients. Sometimes we even change it up and make mini muffins (toddler sized), or double the usual batch and make a big family sized sausage crusted quiche dinner ♡ It’s delish guys!!


This is pretty self explanatory….it is literally pancake batter cooked in a muffin tin. I typically make a big batch of these in the mini muffin tin. After spooning the batter into the pan, I add different ingredients for variety. These are perfect for little miss to grasp with those toddler hands. I always make a big enough batch so the bigger kiddos can have them as pancake poppers and dip in their syrup 🙂 mmm mmm Good!!


Yes buying the prepackaged lunchables are so much more convenient, I know. The bigger girls of the house love lunchables, and the little lady gets so mad if she isnt included. But as of right now the littlest one refuses to eat lunch meat. So to save on her being wasteful, I began creating my OWN version for her,that way she is able to be included with her big sisters, while not wasting a big chunk of her meal.

So in the toddlers lunchable, I always include some form of “crunch” whether it be crackers, veggie straws, or goldfish. She also gets a fruit. Maybe grapes cut into quarters (to prevent choking), bananas cut in slices with the peeling still intact (she enjoys peeling of the outside before eating her slice of banana), sliced strawberries, grapefruit, or mandarin oranges. Cheese, cheese, and more cheese…..Our toddler LOVES cheese…..so of course cheese is included in her toddler lunchable.


As a momma who homeschools, part of our weekly routine includes a cooking activity with multiple recipes. Once a month we make a big batch of pizza dough and separate it to freeze only to be pulled out in small batches for our weekly homemade pizza dinner. We also make our own homemade pizza sauce as well 🙂 We add the toppings we like to each of our pizzas ♡ The littlest miss loves this part!


Who doesn’t love a good fruit salad?? Here is a picture of her peeling her banana slices before eating them– she thinks this is so fun, plus it helps with her motor skills!

Her fruit salad favorites are, grapes (cut into quarters), strawberry slices, kiwi, watermelon, mandarin oranges, and bananas. Yum!!


It has taken a long time to get her to actually like oatmeal. This is actually the most recent change of her tastebuds. I always try to get her to try foods when I make them even if she didn’t like them last time. Their taste buds are constantly changing at this age, so you never know when they might end up liking something soon after refusing it. She prefer hers with a few 65% cocoa dark chocolate chips in it.


Peanut butter sandwich, grilled cheese sandwich, mac and cheese sandwich, hazelnut spread sanwich, or even a spaghetti sandwich…..she isn’t picky when it comes to her sandwiches. I do find they giving her a sandwich is like an invitation for her to disassemble the whole thing and play with it. I have learned that if I take our miniature cookie cutters, and cut up her sandwiches into fun bite size shapes using those, she is more likely to eat it and not play with it….Haha!!


Speaking of spaghetti, I just love this picture of her using her spoon like a master!! She absolutely loves spaghetti!! Who doesn’t?!?

Alrighty! There it is!! I hope you enjoyed this post ♡♡ If so be sure to share it,pin it, tweet it,etc…

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Until next time my lovelies ⛰

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Ok so Life can be crazy right? We ALL know that! Well let me tell ya, homeschooling the girls is just one of the things that has left very little ‘extra’ time in our household. I am definitely learning more and more everyday how to make things a little less hectic around here.

Beginning homeschooling when there is a baby under 1 in the house, really was the first real struggle. Now, throw my battle with insomnia in with that, and beginning a new blog all while ALREADY running on a jam packed full schedule. Things really started to temporarily lose their structure. Over the past almost year, I have come across quite a few things that help to make our life less hectic. Here are a list of the CURRENT most helpful things in our home.


Ok, so I’ve always enjoyed online shopping. Who doesn’t?! But, it wasn’t until this past year that I actually began using it to help keep things less chaotic so we don’t have to run around so much.

Let me tell ya! Online shopping is so quick and easy, as long as you order the correct items to begin with, that is. The downfall is, if you do accidentally order the incorrect items, it can really be a pain in the butt to return things. Other than that, I get things done so quickly, with so much less fuss, and there is no dragging the munchkins in so many stores searching for that one particular item. Or waiting for someone to watch them for us so we can birthday shop, or Christmas shop, or just plain old enjoy shopping with out being asked to purchase everything they see. <—I can’t be the only one who experiences this.

Considering that we homeschool, there aren’t many opportunities to sneak in a quick run to the store before they get out of school. Now, I have to admit…online grocery shopping still makes me nervous and I haven’t worked my way up to trying it just yet. I’ll keep ya updated 😉


This I have attempted so many times and always would get lazy with it, or life would get in the way. Trust me, this one, it’s a big help on not only keeping the chaos level down through out the week, but it’s also definitely a big money saver !! Plan your meals guys, and write your grocery list according to those meal plans, and I promise you success 🙂

Meal planning is a big one. It makes grocery shopping with 3 kids (sometimes 4 including my stepdaughter) a lot easier!! I even bought a weekly white board for the fridge and include each day’s meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) when writing the weekly schedule on there. You wouldn’t BELIEVE how many times I get asked what our plans are, or whats gonna be for dinner. So now, my hubby, who I have been teaching some of my mad cooking skills to, is now able to start cooking dinner if the girls and I aren’t home in time 🙂 How awesome is that?


Here is where I am lacking for SURE! Since beginning homeschooling, I have been on the hunt for the perfect planner, which I have yet to find. 🙁 I do, however, have a pretty sweet system going on between my multiple calendars, and multiple pads of paper (LOL). Yes you read that correctly multiples of each!!

The only way I am successful with all this is by spending a little extra time (which is pretty difficult to find) making sure everything flows nicely together. Taking the obligations/appts for each day and lining them up with our school day, and meal planning, being sure the type of dinner matches up with the day….obviously, on the day of dance and skating class, we are gone from 2pm and don’t get home until after 7pm, it would make sense to plan an easy simple meal right?? Yep!

On that note, I am going to tell you, I rarely have extra time. And by rarely, I seriously mean RARELY. So the way of scheduling I have right now works….but let me tell ya, once I do find that one amazing planner chocked full of awesomeness, I know it’ll make this part of my life a breeze!! Everyone’s way of planning is different. I think that is why it is so hard to find what I am looking for. Hopefully I’ll find one soon, and if not I may be creating my very own!! We shall see…..

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