Homeschool Early Preschool Day 1

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Today was day 1 of the littlest lady, Miss E’s early preschool ♡ I wasn’t planning on writing a post today, BUT, we had so much fun, and took so many pictures. I couldn’t resist. I am excited to tell you all about it! 🤗

Please note: These activities are simply suggestions for what the author believes is appropriate for this age. Please use your best judgement and consult your pediatrician when you have questions or concerns.

She doesn’t officially turn 2 until February, but I decided to start her early preschool a few months early. I figured since the big girls take an almost 2 month winter break from their “hardcore” school work, this was the perfect time to begin some structured play with the little miss. As a home school mama already, I did not want to jump into a new routine and overwhelm myself. I definitely wanted to give us all some time to get used to this new routine with early preschool getting added to our day, and find the schedule that works best. Then, when the big girls start their school days back up again, I can sprinkle their daily activities in around Miss E’s.

This week she is beginning her preschool with Learning the letter E (the first letter of her name), The color BLUE, The shape of the CIRCLE, & The number 2.

After breakfast, we jumped right in. This is the perfect time to start while her energy level was up and she is focused. She started her day with matching the colors of Fruit Loops to the colors of the CIRCLES on the paper. While doing this we counted “1, 2,” (She loves snacking on these as well of course!)

So once there was no more cereal left after chowing down on all those colors, we began her very first Do-A-Dot worksheet. Yes, I said, work sheet. It sounds like no fun for the toddler age group, but I promise you she had loads if fun making her BLUE dots with her dabber on the letter “E” alphabet sheets I downloaded from This Reading Mama. She has lots of fun ideas on how to introduce letters to your little ones in fun ways they will love ♡

She tried so hard to get those BLUE dots into the CIRCLES 😄 I think she did pretty well!

After she lost interest in this, we moved onto a seek and find box!! She loved this idea so much♡ The tub was filled with cornstarch that had the letters of the alphabet buried in it.

After a little while, she insisted on some bowls and spoons to play in the cornstarch. This was totally okay with me as it helps with her fine motor skills ♡

Soon after, her big sister decided to join in with her…..because big sisters are awesome!

I will tell you, something really cool about this little lady. She has always picked up after herself to the best of her abilities. Almost 2 hours later, (yes 2 hours!!) she decided she was finally finished. So she put the letters back in the tub, put the lid on it, and trotted on over to the closet to grabbed her toddler sized broom. Yes, believe it or not, this little lady began (attempting) to sweep up her mess. #proudmommymoment

I can’t wait to make more of these themed sensory tubs in the future!

During the 2 hours she played quietly digging around in her Alphabet sensory tub, I finished another cup of coffee (YUM), cleaned off the kitchen table (due to our small house this is our meal area, school area, and craft area). Then proceeded to get the next activity ready for her so she can play “Feed The Turkey”. I thought this is definitely appropriate given the fact that this week is Thanksgiving. I found this cute idea over at The Busy Toddler!

She enjoyed using small plastic measuring spoons to Feed The Turkey.

She began matching up the colors of the pom poms and the spoons all on her own!!

I am sure we will be enjoying this activity the rest of this week 😋

While waiting for lunch, we all did our afternoon yoga, Miss E is a HUGE copycat! She always joins in, whether the big girls are doing yoga, practicing their ballet, tap, jazz, or even playing the piano.

Big sisters are the best!

You can see the black and white blur in the backround….Molly, our dog, gets hyper anytime we are on the floor. Haha!!

After lunch, while waiting for our neighbors to come over for an afternoon visit full of fun and crafts, we pulled out the colored Velcro Sticks! These are a hit! I love these even for traveling quiet time, while we are out and about! I found this simple crafty idea over at Tot Treasures!

During the evening hours, after dinner, while we are winding down for the day….She always insists on pulling the Play-Doh out. So, I took advantage of this by pulling out the BLUE container, and the NUMBER 2 cookie cutter…..we made NUMBER 2S and CIRCLES out of the BLUE Play-Doh to go along with the weekly theme!

She also insisted on matching her colored ball pit balls with a poster board cut out I had created last week for her. My phone was on the charger, so no pictures of her playing this evening with it, but here is one I took after making it, so you have an idea of what it looks like 😊

Alright! I’d say our first day of Early Preschool was a success!!! She had loads of fun! I hope you all enjoyed your Monday as well ♡

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How to find that “Home school Community”

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So today let’s talk about that home school community. I don’t know about you other home school mama’s, but when we decided to home school, that community was nowhere to be found. It was unheard of. I read in so many places about the bigger cities having home school groups that are massive and it’s just “known” where to go to be a part of it all. Let me tell ya, where we live….no.such.thing.

I did so much research before we actually began our homeschooling journey, hoping to be prepared, but nothing had prepared me for the loneliness of it all.

Let me give you a little background on myself…..I grew up going to public and private schools. My mom is a school teacher, and I didn’t know anyone who had been homeschooled or who was homeschooling their own child/children, other than some distant cousins. I have no background or involvement in the home school community guys.

After reading some tips on multiple sites recommending library trips during the middle of the day, we decided to make it a weekly trip. I mean stepping out of my comfort zone to talk to random families in the hopes of making some connections to the home school community, is worth the risk at this point. But guess what? Not once did I run into a family with kids at the library in the middle of the day…so we tried different days…still no luck…..ugh this was getting so frustrating. Were we ever going to meet any LOCAL home school families?

Continuing my search I was finally coming to some promising answers. Who had these answers? Facebook. Yup. I had finally come across some LOCAL home school groups on Facebook. How exciting!! Unfortunately most everyone involved with these groups were strictly social media… meet ups with families. In the midst of all this frustration, a new group was formed IN MY OWN NEIGHBORHOOD! woo hoo……we were so excited. Couldn’t wait. The plan was to meet once a week, and how convenient the location was literally a few roads down from our house 🙂 We went and had fun. Unfortunately it was only a few families meeting at first…and that slowly dwindled down to us and another family….BUMMER! This group still meets a couple of times a month ♡

I FINALLY found 4-h. I hadn’t even given 4-h a thought to be honest. Growing up, I personally was never involved, and thought it was only revolving around farming topics. Boy was I wrong!! There are so many niches you can be apart of!! We attended a couple of 4-h groups trying to figure out which we preferred. Come to find out, a lot of the kids involved with 4-h were actually homeschooled!

We finally found the group we preferred ♡ The girls loved it. We were becoming involved with a horse enthusiast group, believe it or not! This was awesome for the girls. They love horses, but unfortunately, most groups require you to have your own animals if you want to be involved with any animal based group. We found this one, which was run by a veteran homeschooling mama who has her own farm, and is so generous to have the meetings on her farm with her own horses and ponies ♡♡

A little time had passed, I had still been researching home school activities and meet ups. I was beginning to learn and hear through the grape-vine of so many businesses becoming more and more involved with the home school community. Before long….there was even a local home school 4-h group formed!! This actually is now one of the biggest 4-h groups in our area!

Believe it or not, the following year, the home school community in our area had quadrupled (according to our local school board). This is not only happening in my area, but all over! The bigger the demand, the more opportunities there are. Local businesses have been offering more and more opportunities 🙂

If you are worrying about finding the home school community, let me tell you, don’t. It’s out there. You just need to work hard sometimes to find a handful of families. Most businesses are willing to be involved with the home school community. All they need to get started is a small group of committed families to be involved, and a voice for the home school community. So if you have time, don’t be afraid to be that voice!

Well that’s all for today. Do you have any tips to help find that home school community??

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